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Tau Kappa Epsilon is a men’s social fraternity with hundreds of prominent alumni and was established January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. But what does that really mean? Let us explain. With more than 250 active chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada, Tau Kappa Epsilon’s membership is as diverse and unique as the collegiate and universities in which we reside. There isn’t a proper blanket statement that is able to capture the essence of what a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, or rather a “Teke” is—that’s up to you to decide.

BUILDINGBetter Men for a Better World

Since its founding on January 10, 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has been a driving force in the fraternal world. And as we look back on our history, we are reminded of the path that was forged by great ideals held by revolutionary men. More than 275,000 men of sterling character and staunch uprightness have joined a brotherhood that believes in the honest convictions of Love, Charity and Esteem. Men like Ronald Reagan, Steve Forbes, Danny Thomas, Conrad Hilton and Charles R. Walgreen actively sought to better themselves, and in return, better the Fraternity.

Tau Kappa EpsilonDeveloping Character

Professional Athletes

Aaron Rodgers
Professional Football Player

(Sigma-Xi, St. Norbert, 2012)

An American football quarterback, signed by the Green Bay Packers in May 2005. Super Bowl Champion and MVP 2010. Back up quarterback for Brett Favre for his first three years with the Green Bay Packers, Aaron became the starting quarterback in 2008 and still fills this position going into the 2018-2019 season, having just signed a 5 year contract extension.

United States President

Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States

(Iota, Eureka, 1929)

Accomplished American politician whose successful career in government led to his election in 1981 as the 40th President of the United States

Actors / Comedians

Danny Thomas
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

(Gamma-Nu, Toledo, 1962)

Nightclub comedian, singer, actor and producer whose career spanned 50 years.  He is most notedly remembered for being the driving force in the creation of St Jude Children's Research Hospital - where no family will ever receive a bill. Since St Jude opened its' doors in 1962 the survival rate of childhood cancer has risen from 20% to 80% today.

Hall of Fame Coaches

Digger Phelps
Basketball Coach at Notre Dame

(Epsilon-Zeta, Rider, 1961)

Veteran college basketball coach who, during his 20 seasons leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, tied the NCAA record for most upsets over a #1 team at 7.  Spent the following 20 years as a Sports Analyst for ESPN.

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TKE has been a positive influence on more than 275,000 men, complimenting their academic endeavors with leadership and personal development. Tau Kappa Epsilon offers men a learning experience unavailable in the classroom alone.

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The Alpha-Alpha Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Wabash College was installed as a chapter on June 16, 1927.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.